How to Prevent Oily, Greasy Hair – Ovation Cell Therapy

How to Prevent Oily, Greasy Hair – Ovation Cell Therapy

how to avoid oily hairUnless you’re going to try and pull off a Beyoncé-at-the-Grammy’s hair style, you most likely want to avoid the whole wet look, especially if you’re hair isn’t wet. Don’t get me wrong, Beyoncé and her greased-up ‘do looked beyond amazing, but for those of us with naturally oily hair, this is not the look we are going for. In fact it’s the complete opposite of the look we work to achieve.

The great news about oily hair is there are tons of products and techniques today that can decrease the amount of oil our scalp produces. So, if you get skip-a-wash anxiety or can see greasy hair coming from a mile away, put the shampoo bottle down and listen up – these tips are for you!

How to Prevent Oily, Greasy Hair

Skip a wash (or two): It’s easy to manage oily hair by simply shampooing every day, but washing hair too often can over dry strands and actually cause more oil production. Start by skipping the shampoo once or twice a week, just to see how your hair and scalp react.  My suggestion is to co-wash with a moisturizing product like Cell Therapy or Crème Rinse.  When you’re in the shower, make sure to rinse well then use the product to massage the scalp. This will distribute oils to the hair strands and provide hydration. Follow by coating the strands with a Crème Rinse, then rinse well again. Style as you normally would, then voilà! You will be pleasantly surprised by how clean and hydrated your hair feels. 

Use a gentle clarifying shampoo: Look for a sulfate free shampoo (like ours) for your “everyday” or every-few-days shampoo. Sulfate free shampoos are gentler so they won’t over dry your hair or trigger excessive oil production. Every once in a while use a clarifying shampoo to provide your scalp with a good, thorough cleanse. The Ovation Clarifying Therapy Shampoo contains a mild sulfate and is great to use 1-4 times a month to remove stubborn build up.

avoid oily hair with cell therapyKeep your hands off: Our hands are coated with natural oils. They also collect dirt and can pick up additional oils (by touching your face for example) throughout the day. The less you expose your hair strands to dirt and oil, the less greasy they’re going to get.  An easy way to keep your hands off is to wear your hair up. You’re less likely to fuss with your locks if they’re out of the way.

With a little patience and a bit of faith in your hair, these tips will help decrease the grease and get those oils to do what they’re supposed to do – hydrate your hair strands.


–       Emily

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  1. Marry Johnsan at 9:26 am

    Hey, Thank you for sharing this guide. I am currently facing oily scalp issue. But after using some tips and remedies that you mentioned it’s beginning to decrease. so thanks again for sharing this great info.

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