Ovation Influencers

Ovation Influencers

Ovation Influencers

For the past few months you have probably noticed some changes to the theme of our website and social channels. We have teamed up with over 50 beauty and lifestyle influencers to promote Ovation Cell Therapy to their large social community on Instagram and YouTube. Here’s a few of our Ovation Beaut’s and what they love about Ovation Cell Therapy.

Kayla Lashea – Beauty and Lifestyle YouTube Blogger

Hair Type: Fine and Curly

Cell Therapy has benefited her hair and works wonders with her curls. She massages Cell Therapy into her scalp and then brushes the rest out with a comb. Kayla also loves the texture of the Hair Mask; it’s thick, creamy and feels nice on her hair.

Danna Ann – Beauty Blogger

Hair Type: Dry and Thick

Danna loves how her hair feels so much more healthier and stronger after using Cell Therapy. After trying Cell Therapy for 3 weeks it is now part of her weekly hair routine. For Danna, Cell Therapy worked best for her hair when she would use it only 2 – 3 times a week. She loves her results and the rest of the Ovation Hair Care line.

Myka Stauffer – Lifestyle Blogger

Hair Type: Damaged and Thin

Myka is a huge fan of Cell Therapy and now her hair is on a road to recovery. After dying her hair many times she realized how damaged her hair had become. Now, after using Cell therapy for just a month, she loves her results.

To see more of our Ovation Influencers visit our YouTube playlist and Instagram page. Links below!

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