What New Clients Say about Ovation Hair

What New Clients Say about Ovation Hair

Ovation Hair takes pride in the fact so many of our clients are reaching their healthier hair goals with our products. Thrilled doesn’t begin to describe how we feel about our latest feedback from clients. According to a recent survey, over 90% of new clients reported improved hair condition after ninety days! Thicker, stronger, longer hair IS possible- but, don’t take our word for it:

Jessica S. on the Volume Cell Therapy® System and Volume Enhancing Spray

“I’ve noticed less breakage both in washing and in combing. My ponytail feels heavier and thicker. And I LOVE the scent of each product, especially the shampoo. I’ve received comments on it as well as the overall look and texture of my hair. THANK YOU OVATION!”

Annette G. on the Moisture Cell Therapy System

“My hair is frizz free. More manageable and softer”

Cinthia B. on the Balance Cell Therapy System

Ovation Hair has made a GIGANTIC difference in my life. I have no words to show my appreciation. Thank You!!!

Leslie K. on Cell Therapy

My hair was breaking and thinning, and thanks to Ovation Cell Therapy my hair is longer- yes- but the quality of my hair has improved immensely. Shinier, thicker, healthier looking and feeling all around.

Valerie F. on the Balance Cell Therapy System

My hair is much thicker than it has ever been and super soft. My hair dresser noticed and asked me what product I was using and I was happy to say I was using Ovation Cell Therapy! The moisture shampoo has helped with dryness; the cell therapy helps with more thickness and keeps my hair soft. I am a loyal customer now!

Thank you to new and loyal clients alike!

Looking for new Ovation Hair products to enjoy? We are happy to help you pick the items that are best for your hair and concerns. Please call us if you have any questions: 888.411.3252 (option 1) or visit www.OvationHair.com. We’re in the office 7:30AM-5PM (PST) Monday through Friday.

Cheers to heathier hair with Ovation!


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