What You Need to Know about: Valeterapia

What You Need to Know about: Valeterapia

Valeterapia is a hot hair trend that originated in Brazil. According to research it is a safe alternative to periodic trims. The point is to treat the split ends without compromising any of the hair’s length. Also known as candle cutting, the buzz has gained momentum in the U.S. in the last year. Valeterapia combats the stress caused by harsh chemicals and constant heat styling. The steps are simple; but, DO NOT TRY THIS PROCESS AT HOME.

Valeterapia's popularity is sweeping salons in the U.S.

Valeterapia’s popularity is sweeping salons in the U.S.

A Valeterapia Session

The stylist separates hair into small sections. The sections are twisted and a candles flame is applied. The flame draws out the damaged strands, making them visible for trimming. After the stylist twists, trims, and burns the hair, they apply a deep conditioner. The extreme heat shocks the cuticle which makes the deep conditioning treatment more effective.

We combed the Internet for solid research to confirm this, but alas, we came up short. Dermatologists specializing in hair are not proponents of this unique technique. We know exposing hair to high heat leads to dryness, damage, and breakage. Not to mention hair is flammable.

So why are people burning their hair again?

The more we learned about Valeterapia, the more we want to review basic hair care tips. Healthy hair begins within- as it always has. Eat a balanced diet and drink water daily. Easy enough, right? Stick to a cleansing and moisturizing routine that is appropriate for your hair type. Also, discover no-heat styling alternatives that reduce stress on your locks.

Regular trims help hair remain strong and healthy!

Regular trims help hair remain strong and healthy!

Last Tip: The Ends of the Hair

People are opting for Valeterapia treatments to eliminate split ends without compromising length. When the ends of strands look unhealthy, we usually get a trim. Trims result in a loss in length and for some, this is sad news. Our advice: save yourself $150-$200 and take care of your hair! Also, trims reduce hair’s length by an inch or less. Trims that take off two or more inches of hair are haircuts. If your stylist does not know this, time to find a stylist with whom you can communicate. To avoid unwanted haircuts, perform mini trims (also known as “dustings”). Dustings keep damage and split ends at controllable levels, encouraging strength and length. Dustings also extend the life of a good trim.

Are you considering Valeterapia over traditional trims? We want to hear from you! Feel free to comment belowJ.

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