How to Save With Ovation Hair

How to Save With Ovation Hair

How to save with Ovation HairAs an Ovation client, we believe you deserve the very best. We not only want you to have the best hair you can possibly have, we want you to have the best experience with our products and company. That’s why we offer rewards for being the great, loyal customers you are. The question is…are you aware of all of the ways you can save? If not, here are the top ways to take full advantage of our offerings –

How to Save With Ovation Hair

1. Follow us on social media – Whether it’s the launch of a gift set, a site wide discount or a product specific sale, our social media followers are the first to know! Make sure to ‘like” us on Facebook and follow us elsewhere to find out about discounts, product launches, healthy hair tips and much more!

2. Loyalty rewards – Our Loyalty Rewards Program is free and available to everyone. You simply sign up and save. Here’s how it works: You earn points for every Ovation purchase you make. Once you accrue 50 points, you’ll receive a Loyalty Reward Certificate worth $32.50. It’s easy to sign up – if you’ve never purchased before, simply create an account when you place your first order and you’ll be automatically enrolled in our Loyalty Rewards Program. If you’re a returning client, login to “My Account” to make sure you’re a member and to find your current point balance. If you aren’t a member, give us a call so you can start earning points right away.

3. Replenishment – Once you know which Ovation products you like best and how often you need to re-stock, we highly recommend you join our Replenishment Program. Replenishment orders are automatically shipped at a time interval of your choice. By setting up a replenishment order you’ll never be short on product AND you’ll receive two huge benefits – free shipping and double points! Not convinced yet? Let me explain how quickly you’ll earn discounts as a replenishment client.

Let’s say you set up a replenishment order to receive a Cell Therapy System every other month. The first one is treated as a regular order since it’s not auto-shipped. Typically each system earns Loyalty Members 15 points, but as a Replenishment Client you’ll earn twice that – 30 points! After your third replenishment order you will have accrued 75 points – that’s a $32.50 Loyalty Rewards Certificate. On order four, you’ll receive 30 more points earning you yet another Loyalty Rewards Certificate worth $32.50. Who knew saving was so easy?

To set up a replenishment order, simply choose the interval under ‘Replenishment Program’ at the bottom at the end of checkout. We can always set it up over the phone as well.

Not sure if you’re a member? We have a great team of Personal Account Representatives here to assist you with checking your member status, your point level and offer you any available discounts. You can reach them Monday – Friday from 7:30-5:00 PST at 888-411-3252.

For more information on our Loyalty Rewards and Replenishment Programs, click here. To follow us on social media, visit the links below and be sure to say hello!

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Thanks & enjoy!

–         Emily



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