How to Prolong a Blowout or just a Great Hair Day

How to Prolong a Blowout or just a Great Hair Day

How to prolong a blow dryHow often do you have a great hair day? When I say great, I am talking about the kind of hair day that changes your whole persona.  The kind that makes you spend a little more time in front of the mirror, calls for a few extra hair flips, and may even encourage a selfie or two.

If you’re anything like me, you welcome a great hair day with big, thankful, open arms and never want to let it go.  The good news is, you don’t have to! I’ve put together five steps you can take to prolong the life of your happy hair day.

How to prolong a blowout or just a great hair day

Start with really clean hair – A clean slate is always a good place to start.  By using a really good cleanser, even a clarifying shampoo, you’ll make sure to remove any oils or buildup that can weigh hair down. When you start with a clean scalp and head of hair, it’ll take longer for it to get dirty and greasy.

Light conditioner – You’ll definitely need a moisturizer, but avoid products with silicones and other additives that’ll weigh your hair down.  The Ovation Crème Rinses are the perfect product to use daily and especially before a blowout.  They provide the moisture your hair needs, but only contain light, naturally derived ingredients that absorb into the hair shaft instead of coating the strand.

Don’t touch – As tempting as it may be to finger twirl your luscious locks, its best to leave your hands off. Both the natural oils on your hands and that the dirt they pick up can quickly make your hair greasy.

Avoid moisture – Moisture is a good hair day’s worst nightmare because water changes the hair structure.  You want to keep whatever hair structure you created to get this great hair, so keep moisture away.  The hardest place to do this is in the shower. Using a thick, effective shower cap will help immensely in reducing the hair’s exposure to moisture while bathing.

Wrap or scrunchie overnight – While you sleep and as your hair moves around, you not only mess up your hairstyle, you can also rough up your hair cuticles making hair unmanageable and dull.  Avoid both of these things by puling your hair up loosely while you sleep with a scrunchie or silk or smooth scarf.

Whether your great hair day comes from a blowout with bouncy, otherwise non-existent curls, or is just a super sleek happy accident, I hope these tips will help it last as long as possible.

Enjoy your great hair…days!

–          Emily

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