How to Get the Best Lob for Your Face Shape

How to Get the Best Lob for Your Face Shape

The long bob (a.k.a. “The Lob”) is one of the most flexible haircuts we have seen in a long time. Aside from its styling versatility and low maintenance appeal it is a cut for all face shapes! The universal appeal gives the style longevity. There is an element that gives this trend face so to speak- face shape. Face shape is important because this hair styles are designed to highlight our attributes. Some styles are created just for a certain profile. The lob is great for any shape so long as certain modifications are applied. Here are a few rules of thumb for lob cuts:


One of the great things about the lob is the ease of styling. Wear it smooth or add texture with waves or curls. To create heat-free waves, apply a small amount of Whipped Mousse with Argan Oil from roots to ends. Braid hair into sections and allow to air dry completely. Take down braids and apply a few drops of Essential Hair Oil to the ends. Remember, the size of the braid determines the size of the waves.

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