Hairstyling Hassles & How to Fix Them

Hairstyling Hassles & How to Fix Them

It never fails- whenever we NEED to conquer hairstyling it wants to give you a hassle. Don’t blame your hair entirely for its foul behavior. If you are having more bad hair days than you can count, it is time to redesign how you care for your strands! Try any of these fixes to achieve your happy holiday hair goals this season:

Detangle & Smoothing

Detangling and smoothing are important processes for any hair type. It prevents knots from forming and growing- which can lead to ugly breakage. What’s the best ways to detangle locks? Spray them with a leave-in detangler. Start breaking down knots from the ends of the hair and work your way up to the roots. Remember to be gentle- use a Wet/Dry Brush or a wide tooth comb to tackle tangles. Smoothing your hair from roots to ends helps coils to clump, reduces frizzy waves, and makes straight strands feel like silk.

Product Build-up

We are used to layering products to achieve our styling goals. Continuous product layering eventually leads to product buildup. Buildup is not limited to styling products- moisturizers, shampoos, and conditioners may contain ingredients that stack up on hair over time. The result is dull, unmanageable hair that no one wants to play with. Shampooing with a clarifying cleanser on a monthly basis keeps residue at bay. Clarifying maintains healthy hair and scalp and increases the natural shine of your strands. You will enjoy your favorite products like you are using them for the first time!

Time for a TrimKnow when you need to take care of your ends!

Can you tell when it is time for a dusting or a trim? It’s not about uneven ends, but their condition. Are they smooth or are they scraggly? What does the end of a braid look like? Do you hear more snapping than usual when brushing or combing your hair? That snap-snap sound is proof of breakage- so are the short hairs in your sink or in your brush. Damaged ends make it difficult to achieve a finished look because they create frizz within the style. Let’s forget about the standard 4-6 week timeframe. If you see an increase in breakage, it is time for a trim.

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