Give the Gift of Ovation for Mother’s Day!

Because your Mother warms your heart! Give her gift of Ovation for Mother’s Day!

This specially packaged system includes:

– 6 oz Advanced Cell Therapy System

– Scented Candle

– 6 oz Bath Soak Crystals & Diffuser

Ovation is offering this special package for a limited time, only while supplies last! Make sure you purchase yours before they’re all sold out.

You don’t want to miss out! ;]

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  1. Verleeta Hines at 11:49 am

    I have very fine and thin hair. After years of the comb over, teasing the thin area on top of my head, I decided to order Ovation. I was always embarrassed for anyone to look down on top of my head ( I stood up in church a lot). After a month of using the system, I can truly see the difference. I don’t understand how shampoo and conditioner (treatment) can make such a difference, but it works. My hair looks and is fuller, stronger and growing. I have encouraged other co-workers to just try it once and you’ll be sold. I have gone to two dermatologists to no avail. Just a part of getting older. Well look at me now!! Amazing products!!!

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