Before Your Next Blow Dry Bar Visit…

Before Your Next Blow Dry Bar Visit…

Blow dry bars have swept the nation, creating stunning blow-outs for less time and money than a salon visit. There’s no denying the convenience of the service, but over exposing your hair to this service could wreak havoc on your locks. While it is acceptable to indulge in this luxury occasionally, it could easily become habit forming. Remember the most important rule about heaven sent blow-dry bars: they are not substitutes for your full service salon. Here are a couple reminders that will help you stay on track with your healthy hair goals:

Keep up with Hair Care

First thing’s first: if you are going to insist on going to the blow dry bar regularly, you must also insist on a weekly deep conditioning treatment. Why? Remember overuse of heat appliances depletes the hair’s moisture, resulting in hair becoming dry, brittle, and breaking away. Blow outs are temporary; severe heat damage is a long term issue. An effective defense to high heat is moisturizing. Deep conditioning seals the weak areas on hydrating hair mask to your routine as well as products that restore loss keratin protein . Why? Hair that is overprocessed by heat or chemicals loses protein, which makes hair fragile and prone to breakage.

Pay attention!blow dry up close

Blow dry bars are not a substitute for ANY full service salon. At times, dry bar technicians lack the extensive training salon professionals have acquired over the years, resulting in unrefined practices. Too much heat breaks down your hair’s protein and natural protective oils. Is the blow-dryer at least an inch from your hair? Is your technician using a boar bristle brush to achieve ultimate smoothness and hydration? Pay attention to how your hair is handled and speak up if you have a concern. Great communication makes for a great experience. Great experiences ensure repeat clients. It’s that simple.

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