Best Hair Styles for Fall 2017

Best Hair Styles for Fall 2017

Hot Hair Styles for a Change in Seasons

Fall is just around the corner, and that means that it’s time for a new hairdo. Whether you’re headed back to school or looking to make a splash at the office, a change in seasons is the best time to change up your look. We’ve scoured the industry to come up with a list of the best new hair styles for the season. Regardless of what you’re looking for, this season’s lineup is sure to get you in the mood for fall. Take a look at what’s hot in 2017.


Long, Luscious Waves


Cue the fans because these waves love to glide with the wind. Big, long, sultry waves are totally in this fall season. Lots of women are growing their hair out to get ready for colder weather. Once your hair reaches a certain length, usually past the shoulders and down to the upper chest, you can style it with a curling iron and a bit of texturing spray to keep the waves locked in. It has a light and breezy look that’s perfect for sipping lattes on a chilly afternoon.





A Mane of Curls


Curls are back and in a big way. Short, bouncy heads of curly locks with strong bangs are getting all kinds of buzz in Hollywood and New York. It all starts with a rounded, textured cut and then a robust styling job with lots of natural curls. Think Meg Ryan in the late 1990s. It goes great with a pair of long, extravagant earrings.


The Slick-Backed Part


You can’t go wrong with a classic. The slick-backed part is a no-brainer in the fashion world. It features an elegant, no-nonsense look that’s best suited for an evening cocktail party or an upscale social gathering. Straighten your hair and pull it back tight, creating a clean part on one side of your head. Your hair should have a shiny, neat look without looking too greasy. You can try some finishing spray to keep your hair sealed and even.


Swirling Buns


Cute, simple and straight to the point, these buns are just what you need to spice up your look. They’re usually accompanied by long strands of hair in the back or on the sides. Some buns sit right on the top of the head, while other, larger buns can take over most of the back of the head. You can swirl a chunk of hair together and hold it together with a hair tie. Half-ponytail, half-bun, whatever makes you feel attractive.


Texture Times Two


Who says you can’t have it both ways? The two-textured look is leading to dozens of bizarre combinations. Flat on top with waving curls at the bottom, frizzy on top with a neat pulled-back look on the bottom, you name it. Again, having longer hair is key. You’ll need the extra hair or extensions to have enough room to keep things interesting. Talk to your stylist about how you can liven up your do with two types of texture.

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