6 Fall Color Treatments Your Hair Will Love!

6 Fall Color Treatments Your Hair Will Love!

Fall is approaching and so is your next coloring appointment. Is there a certain coloring style that has caught your eye but you’re not sure how to convey that to your stylist? Warm tones such as rich browns, deep reds, and softened blondes complement the season. Before your next salon visit, familiarize yourself with hair coloring trends of the season. The following list will help your next coloring appointments be one of your best:

The Process: Spongelights

Spongelights are highlights applied with…you guessed it- a sponge! This method reduces the amount of bleach applied to strands. The finished product creates a look that is soft and subtle. Spongelights are still relatively new, but expect this service in your salon soon.

Fall Color File: Tortoiseshell

Fall Color File: Tortoiseshell


The Process: Tortoiseshell

If you desire more highlights at the top of the hair and more subtle ombrè ends, ask your stylist for this process. The key colors that give life to this look are honey, caramel, and copper.




Fall Color File: Color Melt

Fall Color File: Color Melt


The Process: Color Melt

Color melt is an amazing way to blend bold colors and create a transitional affect. Three or more blocks of color come together to create an alluring affect. Monochromatic or complementary colors, the outcome of this process is nothing short of stunning.


Fall Color File: Bronde

Fall Color File: Bronde


The Process: Bronde

Bronde is the space between blonde and light brown. It is also a great transitional process for these two base colors. A soft layer of highlights throughout the hair builds tone that is here (blonde) nor there (light brown).



Fall Color File: Single Process Color

Fall Color File: Single Process

The Process: Single Process

If you want to add richness to your strands, or prefer low maintenance color, opt for a single process. One color is applied throughout the hair. Single process coloring flatters certain hues. Ebony, deep chocolate or auburn, even platinum blonde are alluring single process colors.


The Process: Balayage

Balayage is highlights sans the foils. This method of highlights is applied to fine sections of hair to create a natural look. If you have the dime and the time, go for it!

Any coloring process can leave hair feeling dry. Remember to keep hair moisturized and strong between salon visits. Sulfate free shampoos, conditioners, and hair glosses extend the life of color and help retain hydration.

Do you plan on getting a new cut, or a new color, or both? Show off your seasonal strands on Instagram! We’d love to see your new hue.

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