3 Hair Styles Dominating This Year’s Wedding Season

3 Hair Styles Dominating This Year’s Wedding Season

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Wedding season is right around the corner. As winter melts into spring, millions of couples and singles will be getting ready to show off their best looks in front of the cameras. Whether you’re the bride or a friend of the family, this is your moment to shine. Get a chic wedding hairdo for the big event and check out some of this season’s most popular styles.


  1. Messy Waves with a Twisted Side Bun




This year’s brides are going for a more natural look. No more over primping and pampering. The messy, take-me-as-I-am look is here to stay. Brides and their best gal pals are letting their curls and waves run wild, bringing everything together with a small twist on the side. It still gives off elegant vibes without feeling too restrictive.


  1. Center Part with Spiral, Cascading Waves




Mellow is the new black. Continuing with this year’s all-natural vibe, a simple center part with free-flowing waves is another staple of the season. The hair shouldn’t feel overly strained; it should just fall naturally along the neck and shoulders. You can fix up some of the loose strands with a curling iron for some extra pop, but just remember less is more.


  1. High Ponytail with Voluminous Curls





Spring is the season of nature with its gentle breezes and lush vegetation, which is why so many women are putting their curls and waves in the spotlight. 2018 is all about natural beauty and this style is no exception. Brides with long, flowing hair can pull their hair back and then ease up at the end to create a poof at the top, then use a long, high ponytail to cap off the ends. You can create more dramatic, seasonal waves using a curling iron if you really want to turn some heads.


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