Winter-Proof Your Locks for Stronger Hair

Winter-Proof Your Locks for Stronger Hair

Tips for Stronger HairHere in So-Cal, our winters are pretty mild so forgive me if my perception of extreme weather is a bit off. My points of reference for what winter looks like are my Instagram feed, Christmas music album covers, and the holiday movies on Netflix. And while I’d like to think all of our hair would react to snow and behave like Mariah’s on her holiday album cover, I’m not that naïve.  Obviously winter weather means very different things for people across the country, but what we all have in common is how weather affects our hair.  While some weather conditions (rain) can simply cramp your style, others (wind, low humidity) can actually damage strands.

I’ve collected some tips that’ll prepare your hair for whatever Mother Nature has in store.

Winter-Proof You Locks for Stronger Hair

Winter Stronger HairDry, cold weather – Low humidity can create all types of hair issues from annoying static to damaging dehydration because cold, dry weather sucks the moisture out of your hair.  By decreasing the use of hot styling tools and incorporating a thermal protection spray, your strands will retain moisture. The Ovation Thermal Protection Spray has ingredients that not only lock in moisture, but prevent static – a huge plus!

Rain, snow, etc. – Rain and snow won’t likely do any damage to your hair strands, but they sure will damage a good hair day.  If heavy rain or snow is in the forecast, my first piece of advice is to skip the time-consuming blow-dry or curling iron session all together. More importantly, if you use styling products, avoid any heavy gels or creams that can create a sticky mess when wet.

Wind – Winter wind and a good hair style rarely go hand-in-hand.  Aside from creating a mess, wind can tangle hair and rough up cuticles. It’s easy to prevent this from happening by wearing a hood, scarf, or a protective hairstyle. A windy day is a great excuse to rock a bun. Since your hair is neatly tied back, you’ll prevent damage from the wind and lessen the possibility of a style mishap. If you’re brave enough to style your hair loosely or down on a super windy day, use a light Finishing Spray with a medium hold.

Next time the weather man’s report includes extreme conditions, you’ll be more than prepared.  To find out more about the Ovation Styling products, click here. If you’d like to learn more about protecting your hair during the winter, click here.

Stay warm and keep that hair protected!

–          Emily



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