Why Ovation Products Work – Advanced Color Therapy Shampoo

Why Ovation Products Work – Advanced Color Therapy Shampoo

Ovation Sulfate Free ShampooAt Ovation, we take pride in our high success rate and constant positive customer feedback.  We know and you know that our products work, but we’d like to share a bit more about why our products are so effective.  In a previous post, I explained some of the reasons why our Cell Therapy Hair Treatment works to promote healthy hair, but in today’s post we’ll discuss the Advanced Color Therapy Shampoo.

The Color Therapy Shampoo is an important part of the Cell Therapy System because it cleanses the scalp and prepares it for best absorption of nutrients, proteins and amino acids found in Cell Therapy.

Our Color Therapy Shampoo is specially formulated to cleanse your scalp of dirt and other buildup without removing essential oils that it needs to produce healthy hair.  It’s also gentle enough for everyday use.  Many people don’t know why a shampoo that’s effective, yet gentle like ours is beneficial so let me explain.  Washing your hair on a regular basis is a very important part of keeping your scalp clean and hair healthy, but some people don’t get that cleanse as often as they should.  There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that certain shampoos just don’t get the job done.  Another reason is that ingredients, like harsh chemicals in other shampoos, can cause hair to feel dry and unpleasant so people simply choose not to shampoo as often.

As mentioned the Color Therapy Shampoo is very effective in removing buildup.  Removing buildup is a crucial step towards healthy hair because if you don’t, it can cause anything from minor irritation to major damage.  In severe cases, buildup can cause dirt and even bacteria to get into the hair follicle which effects hair growth and the health of the strands!  More commonly though, buildup creates a film or coating that weighs your hair down and also prevents the hair from getting the moisture it needs.

By properly removing that buildup, you’re keeping your scalp healthy and making the very best environment for healthy hair growth and maintenance.  The Ovation Color Therapy Shampoo is also naturally derived and free of harsh chemicals found in other shampoos.  This combination of ingredients provides an effective yet gentle cleanse.  A gentler shampoo not only allows you to wash your hair more often, it also decreases the chance of allergic reactions and exposure to chemicals that aren’t good for your scalp.

Our shampoo is not only great because of the ingredients it doesn’t contain, its effective and unique because of the ingredients that we’ve carefully chosen to include.  The Color Therapy Shampoo is packed with vitamins, plant extracts, and amino acids that both your scalp and hair strands love.  These ingredients work together to not only to cleanse and protect the hair, but also keep it stronger.

The Ovation Color Therapy Shampoo has its name for a reason…It protects the color you have.  Whether you’ve dyed your hair or stayed natural, our shampoo is designed to keep color vibrant and prevent color oxidation.  Color oxidation results in dull, faded color so by using our shampoo, you can restore and maintain the color of your hair.

For more information about the Color Therapy Shampoo and the Cell Therapy System, click here. We’re so confident that you’ll feel a difference in your hair after using our products that they come with a money back guarantee.

Enjoy clean, healthy hair!

–          Emily


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