Why Hair Sheds and How Much is Too Much

Why Hair Sheds and How Much is Too Much

Finding a brush full of fallen hair or pulling what feels like a handful of strands from your head while in the shower can be frightening.  It’s a natural process that happens to everyone and knowing the facts about hair shedding can be the difference between calmly taking inventory and a complete freak out.  The amount you’re supposed to lose varies, but hair shedding is a healthy part of the hair growth cycle.

Why Hair Sheds and How Much is Too Much?

Hair sheds, or leaves the follicle, at the end of its life cycle leaving space for a new hair to grow in its place.  It’s a completely natural process and its normal to shed anywhere from 50-150 hairs per day.  Why the range? The amount you lose depends on the amount you have.  If your hair is very dense, you’re going to lose more than someone with sparse hair.  It’s said that about 10-15% of your hair is the telogen (shedding) phase at a time.  If you’re seeing more loss than around 150 strands per day, first determine whether that hair is shedding, breaking or a combination of the two.  If you’re actually shedding an unusual amount of hair, it means that your scalp isn’t receiving nutrients properly.  It’s best to consult a doctor as this may be a sign of a circulatory and/or digestive system issue.

Shedding vs. Hair BreakageHair Shedding

Hair breakage is a very different thing than shedding.  Breakage is not a natural process and occurs because of external factors and damage that we cause.  The great news is breakage is preventable. By taking care of your hair, using high-quality hair care products and providing it with the nutrients it needs, breakage can be significantly reduced. Ovation Cell Therapy Hair treatment decreases breakage by strengthening both hair that is already damaged and maximizing the strength of future growth.

Shedding and Ovation products

We occasionally hear from clients that feel they’ve experience an increased amount of shedding during the beginning of using Ovation. There are few reasons this may be the case:

  • When clients begin using Ovation, many start to become aware of all that goes on with their hair. Taking a closer look at your hair health is a great thing, but assessing what’s normal for your hair (how much it sheds for example) can only be done over time.  We encourage clients to keep track and most find they’re not losing more than the average amount.
  • We have a number of clients that stop using a medicated product as they begin using Cell Therapy.  This is something we encourage because the ingredients in our products can get results in a more natural way, but it’s important to get off any medication (even for your hair) in the proper way.  We recommend that you make the transition slowly so that you don’t experience excessive hair loss as a result of withdrawal from those medications.
  • Another reason a slight increase in shedding might occur is because of the way Cell Therapy works.  The ingredients in Cell Therapy stimulate the follicle and push hair through its natural growth phases to get them into the growing phase.  By applying Cell Therapy on a regular basis and using the massage technique to apply it, a hair that is about ready to shed, may do so more quickly. This shedding allows the hair follicle to produce a new (and healthier) hair to grow in its place.

The Ovation Cell Therapy Systems work to repair hair in a natural way and do not contain any medications or harsh chemicals that cause excessive shedding.  All of our products are made up of a combination of naturally-derived ingredients such as vitamins, extracts, proteins that create the healthiest hair possible.  One of the ways Cell Therapy is effective in doing that is by working to strengthen the follicle. Over time the larger, stronger follicle will better anchor the hair strands which will reduce breakage from the root (from brushing or pulling).  Cell Therapy also increases the amount of hairs that are in the longer growing phase.  These changes result in long term healthier, thicker hair.

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–          Emily

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