Tips to avoid hair breakage – Thicker Hair is Possible!

Hair breakage happens to the best of us and unfortunately, it’s pretty much unavoidable. Breakage is what can make hair feel coarse and dry, and when really bad, unhealthy and thin.

Ovation Hair - Tips to Avoid Hair Breakage

There is good news though; you can significantly reduce hair breakage by taking these simple steps.

Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet – When your hair is soaking wet, it’s at its weakest state. Vigorously brushing through wet hair will most definitely cause strands to break.  The best thing is to wait until it’s dry or at least drier.  If you can’t wait, gently use a wide-tooth comb to de-tangle it instead of a brush.  In general, being a little more gentle on your hair can make a big different in the amount of breakage you experience.

Avoid heat styling as much as possible – It is best to avoid heat styling completely, but that would be near impossible for many of us.  Even blow drying for less time or decreasing the use of curling and flat irons a few days a week will help. Another way to avoid heat damage and breakage is to use a thermal or heat protection spray everyday and especially before styling.

Trim your hair regularly – Although you can decrease the amount of split ends, they are inevitable. Once you have them, the only way to get rid of them and the best way to prevent further damage, is to trim them off.   A split end can work its way up the hair strand making it weak and the hair will eventually break off.

Avoid tight hairstyles- Tight hairstyles like ponytails and buns can pull the hair a bit too much, causing it to break. Tight braids, extensions, and other longer-term styles are especially damaging.

Take supplements – Taking a multivitamin will help the body get what it needs to stay healthy, which is the best thing for your hair.  When the body is healthy, new growth of hair is too and healthy strong hair doesn’t break as much.

Invest in a great shampoo – Purchase a shampoo that contains vitamins, minerals and natural ingredients.  These nutrients can keep the hair strong and healthy and remove damaging build-up. Sulfate free shampoos are best because they clean your hair without removing oils that your scalp needs.

Decreasing hair breakage can have a great effect on the look and feel of your hair!  It will not only look healthier, but it will be thicker, shinier and much more manageable…and who doesn’t want that?!?

As I started to think about how to avoid breakage, I realized I need to show my hair a little more love in general. From being gentle when towel drying and brushing to loosening my top knot, a little love can go a long way.

What are you going to do to show your hair some love?

<3 – Emily

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