Making the (Right) Cut when Choosing a Scissor Service

Making the (Right) Cut when Choosing a Scissor Service

Do you know what scissor service your hair needs?

A few weeks ago, I had some issues styling my hair. No matter what I did, or which products I applied, I could not get the outcome I wanted. My styling concoction consisted of stringy strands in some places and patches of tight coils in others. If my ends weren’t split, they were knotted. Was my hair telling me it was time for some snip-snip? After examining a few random areas I had to face the truth: it was time for me to reintroduce my locks to a pair of hair shears. The question was what kind of scissor service did my hair need?

Common forms of slipt ends

Which resembles your ends?

Scissor Service #1: Dusting

Have you ever twirled a lock of your hair and saw split ends? Or, if your strands are curly or coily, chances are you’ve come across single-strand knots. Dusting is the most subtle scissor process on the list. It is the process of snipping those hair foes as you come across them in small areas. Dusting also prevents split ends from moving down the hair shaft. Cutting anything more than ¼” brings us to our next service…

Scissor Service #2: Trim

Two hair myths exist that I will debunk right now: 1) cutting hair makes it grow and 2) we need hair trims every 6-8 weeks. Hair grows on its own. However, routine trims and nourishing hair products will help ensure the strength of your strands is not compromised. Split ends weaken hair, which leads to breakage. Get trims on an as-needed basis to maintain strong, healthy hair. At times people ask stylists for a trim and, to their horror, receive the opposite of their expectation.  If you ask for a trim and lose more than ¼” of your length, you just received the third scissor service.

Scissor Service #3: Haircut

Some professionals say there is no difference between a haircut and a trim. Tell that to the people who ask for a trim and lose significant length. Is it a matter of how much a stylist snips away?  Loss of length is one element but a haircut is so much more! Haircuts boost self-confidence, enhance personal style, and symbolize a fresh start. For hair that is severely damaged, a haircut may be a saving grace.

Remember, smooth ends are happy ends. Anything else is worth addressing. Don’t be afraid to incorporate a pair of sharp shears into your healthy hair care arsenal!

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  1. Veronica Marks at 7:01 pm

    Thanks for the tip that smooth ends are happy ends. My hair isn’t super even right now because it’s been growing for a few months. However, the ends are still pretty smooth overall. I’ll still go ahead and get it trimmed soon, but I won’t be so worried about it.

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