Ovation Holiday Set Client Video Testimonial

Ovation Holiday Set Client Video Testimonial

We’re lucky in that we frequently hear from clients who are extremely happy with Ovation and their results. It’s less often that we actually get to see the results/benefits our clients receive so we get especially excited when a new video testimonial comes to our attention. Jenn from Glam Moms recently created our first ever Holiday Gift Set testimonial. If you’re thinking of purchasing one of our Holiday Gift Sets or want to know more about what’s included, you’ll definitely want to check it out.

Ovation Holiday Set Client Video Testimonial

First, I want to say thank you to Jenn. We really appreciate the time it takes to create a video testimonial and sincerely value your honest, unsolicited review of the set and our products – thanks so much! For more videos created by Jenn and Glam Moms, visit her You Tube page.

To see more Ovation reviews, visit our You Tube page and for more info about our product line, visit our website at OvationHair.com.  Our Holiday Gift sets are available until supplies last for $59.95.  The sets include a 6 oz Shampoo and Crème Rinse, 12oz Cell Therapy, our Multivitamins, new Finishing Spray and a sample size of the Clarifying Therapy Shampoo.  These items retail for over almost $120 so by purchasing the set, you save around $60!

Also, we can’t guarantee that you’ll get the same results as Jenn, but we do have a satisfaction guarantee so your purchase is risk free.  First time purchasers always get 10% off by filling out a short survey at checkout.  If you have questions, want help with your order, or need product recommendations, feel free to give us a call.  We’re here weekdays from 7:30am-5pm PST at 888-411-3252.


–          Emily

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