Ovation Hair Care Products – Made in the USA

Ovation Hair Care Products – Made in the USA

Ovation Hair - Made in the USWe take a lot of pride, especially during 4th of July week, that all of our products and their components are made in the USA.  It’s not only a huge part of why we can deliver high-quality hair and skin care products, but it also makes us very unique in this industry.  We’re proud to say that we aren’t just a distributer of a brand like many other beauty and hair care companies.  We create our products – from formulation to bottling – all right here at our production facility in Carlsbad, CA.  In a world with cheaper options, many people wonder why it’s something we won’t consider changing.  There are two reasons: We feel very strongly about Local Job Creation and Quality Control.

Job Creation

Local job creation is important to us and we take pride in the fact that we contribute to the employment of our staff and more.  We’re happy to employ a group of almost 40 staff members, including multiple generations, that formulate, produce, bottle, package, sell, and ship products here in our new warehouse facility.  The ingredients and materials (bottles, caps, etc.) that aren’t manufactured in our facility are also created nationally and the process involved in creating them is all done by American employees. We work with multiple vendors within the state of California and beyond, all in the US.  As a company that started with a very small team of two, we’re extremely thrilled to see our vendor network, employee base and the families they support continue to expand.

Quality Control

Another benefit to having the suppliers of our ingredients and materials in the States is that we have control of the entire product development process.  Our COO/CFO Bob Wells, explained, “We can literally see and approve every step of the production process, from raw materials to packaging, as its being done.  We abide by FDA and GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) guidelines and can assure that customers are getting the high quality products that we promise.”

The fact that our products are made here also ensures that our ingredients are fresh because we are creating product today that will be sold and shipped tomorrow.  Fresher ingredients mean better quality, a longer shelf life and keeping preservatives to a minimum.

In the end, we want to create superior hair care products with high quality ingredients that deliver the best results of healthy hair and skin.  We’re fortunate that we’re able to do that all right here in the US! For more information about Ovation products or to make a purchase, visit http://OvationHair.com.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

–          Team Ovation



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