The Insider’s Guide to Unique Bridal Accessories

The Insider’s Guide to Unique Bridal Accessories

It’s bridal season! I am not a bride-to-be, but I always appreciate the beauty and elegance of the season. And the hair! I am amazed at the artistry; so delicate and intricate. In my search for what’s trending in wedding hair this year, I came across some not-so-contemporary accessory style ideas that I just had to share. If you are looking to stand out as a bride consider one of these ornaments for your hair:

1. Baby’s Breath

Who knew this flower garnish would make such a pretty accent to a bridal style? Picture it placed throughout a coif of cascading waves. A very simple and elegant style for any bride, and easy to achieve by applying Aragon Oil Mousse to damp hair and braiding it. Once it dries, carefully undo the braids and place the Baby’s Breath throughout the style. A small amount of Flexible Hold Finishing Hair Spray will seal the style without causing flakes.

2. Origami Style

When you think origami, bridal hair styles probably do not come to mind- but hear me out. Origami hair accessories are crisp and simply stated yet daring. If you are a bride-to-be that prides herself on breaking fashion barriers, you are encouraged to give this embellishment a try. The accessory looks fantastic with a neatly pulled back pony or bun.

3. Light the Way

You did not read that wrong- lights are a unique way to own an evening wedding. Style wise, they are a natural complement for the Bo-Ho bride-to-be who will opt for a whimsical look on her special day. Use lights as a headband with a veil to dress up a loose, messy bun. Walking down the aisle at sunset will take on a whole new meaning.

These styles will last all day and night with Ovation’s Whipped Mousse with Argan Oil and Flexible Hold Finishing Hair Spray. If you are in need of visual aids we’ve got you covered! Visit Ovation’s Wedding Hair board on Pinterest to see an array of styles, including those mentioned in this blog.
If Ovation Hair products play a part in your special day, feel free to tag us in a picture on Instagram (@ovationhair) or Facebook.

Congratulations to you!


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