How To Prepare For Your Next Salon Visit

How To Prepare For Your Next Salon Visit

How to prepare for a new stylistSo you’re ready to try something new…an updated look in the form of a major hair cut or color change. You’ve settled on a style and you’ve made an appointment. Good for you! But if you think you’re done prepping for your visit, you’re wrong. Especially if you’re going for a completely different style or to a completely new stylist, you want to come prepared – the new and improved you depends on it! I sat down with Ovation’s Lead Educator and Master Stylist Brenda Sterns to get the scoop on how clients can help their stylists deliver the best results. Here’s what she had to say:

How to prepare for your next salon visit

Prepare your stylist ahead of time – If you know a big change is in store, let the salon know when you book your appointment. You can explain the gist of what you’re looking for to the receptionist or speak to your stylist directly – either way, make it clear your desired cut or color is a drastic change. This will help your stylist think about ideas and know how much time to set aside for your session.

Expectations – The most important part of preparing for a salon visit is getting your expectations in line. Think about the way you style your hair – are you high maintenance or wash and go? Do you want to spend time on your new ‘do every day or not? Collect and bring in pictures of the style you want and the ones you don’t want.

Ask questions – The first question to ask when discussing your dream ‘do is: “Will this style suit me?” Your stylist is the person to ask for an honest and unbiased opinion. In fact, a good stylist will more than likely tell you whether you ask or not.

Prepare your hair – When heading to your appointment, style your hair the way you typically would, this will help your stylist understand the way you prefer your hair to look (bangs, part, etc.). If you’re going in for color processing, wash and condition the day of your appointment and even clarify for a good thorough cleanse (ask your stylist if they have a preference – regular shampoo vs. clarifying). If you’re covering greys, definitely use a clarifying shampoo around the hairline.

Be honest – A good relationship (even with your stylist) requires open communication and sometimes unpleasant honesty. Telling your stylist about recent hair happenings (at home color for example) can be the difference between a brassy blonde result and a bright, beautiful one. There are several things that affect the way your hair absorbs color, so just do yourself a favor and ‘fess up. While you’re at it, let your stylist know what other processes you’ve undergone as of late. A facial, for example, involves ingredients that interact with hair color and can cause irritation. Lastly, while it’s not the most enjoyable thing, honesty is the best policy when it comes to whether or not you’re happy with the results.

That’s it – you’re ready to have the best salon experience and results possible. Want to know how you can really become your stylist’s fave? Recommend they check out Ovation’s Certified Cell Therapist Program. Once certified, they can perform in-salon Cell Therapy Treatments, sell Ovation products to their clients and much more! Visit to find out more.

Enjoy your new ‘do!

–          Emily

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  2. Jade Brunet at 8:22 pm

    I appreciate this information about how to prepare for your next hair salon visit. It is good to know that one should style your hair for the appointment to help the stylist know your usual look. It would also be a good idea to ask about possible additional fees before committing to a hair cut.

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