How to Hydrate Fine Hair – Five Tips

How to Hydrate Fine Hair – Five Tips

Keep fine, thin hair hydrated with these five tipsI’ve had fine hair my whole life and I learned from a very early age that there wasn’t much I could do to change that. Since that realization, I have done my best to make my hair appear as full as I possibly can. My focus was always volume – How can I cut it to make it look like more hair? What products can I use to increase the size of my style? It wasn’t until I started learning about hair health that I realized there were other hair concerns I should have been addressing.

My hairdresser kindly reminded me each time she color-treated my hair that hydration is very important for even fine hair like mine.  The message became alarming clear as I started to notice more and more flyaways and broken strands. Losing my precious strands was not an option so I knew it was time to make a change.

As I took a closer look, I saw that focusing all of my efforts on adding volume instead of adding moisture had caused a lot of damage. My hair was dehydrated!  After learning the hard way, I did my research and would love to share the tips that helped me love my fine hair again. These tips are all about hydration so the first step is facing your hydration fears. Just remember, hydration is your friend and something you must expose your hair to on a daily basis.

How to Hydrate Fine Hair – Five Tips

Tip #1: Use a light moisturizer made especially for fine hair daily – one that doesn’t contain heavy synthetic waxes and silicones. The Ovation Volumizing Crème Rinse is a really great option for clients with very fine hair. It has naturally derived high-quality ingredients that absorb very quickly. The formula is so light, that you’ll barely notice it’s there.

Tip #2: If your hair is fine, but on the drier side, consider using a moisturizer for normal hair types. One way to keep a thicker formula from weighing your hair down is to use it on a portion of your hair only. The hair on the top of your hair is much healthier and probably less dry than your ends. By applying a moisturizer on the lower portion of your hair, especially the ends, you’ll add moisture to the spots that need it most and avoid weighing down the roots.

Tip #3: Use other hydration products.  Cell Therapy® has wonderful, very effective hydrating properties and adds thickness to the hair strands. For people with fine hair, it truly is the perfect product because Cell Therapy® addresses our two biggest hair concerns.  There are many ways to use Cell Therapy®, but if you want to increase strand thickness and hydration, use it 2-3 times per week as a hair mask in the shower.

Tip #4: Use hot tools on low settings. Most hot styling tools, even hair dryers, have heat settings that are specifically designed for different hair types.  People with thinner hair strands should avoid using the higher settings whenever possible and actually try to stick with the lowest one possible.

Tip #5: Use ethyl and isopropyl alcohol free products. My favorite products are clearly ones that add volume and body to my hair, but if you use volumizing sprays, root boosters and or mousses, make sure to check the ingredient list. You want to avoid volatile alcohols such as ethyl and isopropyl.  They have a small molecular weight so they evaporate quickly and take your hair’s moisture. Unlike many other styling products, the Ovation Thermal Protection and Volumizing Sprays are not only alcohol free; they also contain conditioning ingredients that will help prevent dryness.

Hopefully these tips will help you find ways to hydrate your hair that work for you.  We have two Cell Therapy Systems for clients with fine hair.  The Volume Cell Therapy System is for those with very fine or thinning hair who don’t need as much hydration.  If you’re looking for volume and hydration, the Balance Cell Therapy System is the perfect choice. To view all of our products visit

Enjoy hydrated, healthy, and thicker hair!

–          Emily

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