How to Blow Dry for Thicker Hair

How to Blow Dry for Thicker Hair

How to Blow Dry for Thicker HairWhether its Adele’s signature bouffant or Carrie Underwood’s colossal curls, big hair is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

There are many ways to add body to naturally fine hair, but when it comes to everyday styling most of us don’t have the time or patience to take all the steps it takes to pump up the volume.

What If I told you that adding a few minor additions to your blow drying routine could make a big (voluminous) impact? That’s exactly what today’s post is about.  Here are three quick and easy tips to add volume while blow drying:

How to Blow Dry for Thicker Hair

  • Use a volume enhancer – After towel drying your hair, add a Volume Enhancer Spray to your roots.  Use a wide tooth comb to spread the product throughout the hair.  This simple step will add a substantial about of volume.  The Ovation Volume Enhancer in particular is ideal because its lightweight formula is naturally derived, never sticky, and will keep your hair voluminous all day long!
  • Use large curlers at the crown – Large velcro curlers can create a quick and very effective root lift.  When hair is 80% dry, add 3 or more large velcro rollers to sections of the crown (imagine a mohawk of curlers).  Add some light hair spray and finish the blow dry.  Let the hair in the rollers set (cool) before removing them and voila!
  • Blow dry with the nozzle and away from the root – By using the nozzle that comes with your hair dryer, you can concentrate the heat in a specific area, in this case, the root.  When hair is 80% dry, use a round or flat brush to pull up a section of hair.  Starting at the scalp, blow dry up the root towards the rest of the hair shaft, away from the scalp. Leave the hair to set/cool before letting it down.  This easy technique will train your roots to be lifted for the day.

Whether you take one or all three of these steps to achieve thicker hair, make sure to always use a Thermal Protection Spray before blow drying.  The Ovation Thermal Protection Spray will lock in moisture and protect against all types of heat damage.  It’s also naturally derived and provides antioxidant support.

If you’re looking to achieve thicker hair in general, the key is gaining overall hair health.  By using quality hair care products like the Advanced Cell Therapy System, you’re repairing any damage AND making sure new re-growth is the healthiest it can be.  This leads to thicker, stronger, and longer hair!


–          Emily

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