Hair Revival – How to Rehydrate Dry Summer Hair

Hair Revival – How to Rehydrate Dry Summer Hair

Hydrate summer hairSpoiler alert – summer is coming to an end. And whether you’re ready or not to face the summer bummer of cooler temps, your strands are literally dying for the season to change. After a long and very hot summer, your hair is most likely in desperate need of a full-on revival. Sounds intense, right? It doesn’t have to be – the best part about a post-summer hair restoration is you don’t need to make major changes to achieve major results. In fact, by taking these three simple steps, you’ll have a revived and rejuvenated head of hair come fall.

Hair Revival – how to rehydrate summer hair

Step 1: Let go of the damage – get a trim. There is no way to heal or repair split ends so if you’ve collected a few (or more) of them this summer, there is no better time to cut your losses and start fresh with damage-free ends.

Step 2: Retain moisture. The last thing dry summer hair needs is less moisture. Cut back on hot styling tools, skip a wash or two per week and use Thermal Protection daily. This will allow your strands to hold on to their natural oils and any of the other moisture you add.

Step 3: Add moisture and nutrients. The vitamins, plant extracts and proteins in Ovation products and deep conditioners are exactly what your hair needs this time of year. By applying these moisture-rich nutrients to your scalp and strands directly, you’ll decrease breakage and increase elasticity (strength), shine, manageability and improve overall health.

That’s it! Follow these recovery steps and you’ll be well on your way to strands that show little or no evidence of a summer in the sun. For post-summer hair repair, we recommend our Moisture Cell Therapy System – it includes our Moisture Shampoo, Crème Rinse and Cell Therapy Hair Treatment – three products that create thicker, stronger, longer – hydrated hair. Our Thermal Protection spray is meant for daily use. It not only includes protection against moisture loss; it includes soothing and conditioning plant extracts. To view our entire hair care line, visit

I’d love to know, how do you change up your hair care routine this time of year?

– Emily


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