Your Definitive Guide to Great Hair Days

Your Definitive Guide to Great Hair Days

Let’s face it, at times great hair days are few and far between. It seems like no matter what you do, your hair refuses to cooperate. It’s not that your hair hates you. You need to get to know your hair. There are five factors that are critical in achieving more great hair days:

1. Know Your Curl Patterncurly no face

Curl pattern refers to how much your hair bends and ranges from straight to springy. Three main categories define curl patterns: wavy (type 2), curly (type 3), and tightly coiled (type 4). Curl patterns play a major role in hair styling and product selection. What’s good for straight hair isn’t always the case for wavy or curly types. I have failed many a YouTube tutorial, trying to achieve hair goals not suitable for my strands.

2. Know Your Porosity

Porosity refers to how easily hair absorbs and maintains moisture (i.e. water). Low porosity (or low-po) hair holds small amounts of moisture and high porosity (hi-po) hair holds-you guessed it- high amounts of moisture. Think of hair as a sponge. Some sponges have pores that allow quick absorption while others do not. If you have hi-po hair, opt for products rich in moisture to keep dryness and breakage at bay.

3. Know Your Density

Density defines how close your strands are to one another. It also explains why some people find achieving perfect volume challenging. Density levels range from low to high. If your hair density is low, use light weight volumizing products at the roots for a boost. People with medium density hair can explore all types of products such as holding sprays or mousse. High density hair benefits from gels and creams because their weight reduces volume.

4. Know Your Width

When we think of hair width, we’re talking about how wide strands are. Knowing if your hair is thick versus fine makes a world of styling difference. What’s more, it helps you understand how to care for your hair to prevent damage.

5. Know Your Length

Similar to curl pattern knowledge, length awareness is important in the selection of products and styling tools. Why? Hair that’s three feet long may take more than a coin sized amount of product to see its benefits. Also, it is impossible to wrap two inches of hair around a three inch curling iron barrel.

Once you have a better understanding of your hair, styling gets easier and so does caring for it. Not to mention the beautiful results. Establish a new routine and let us see your fabulous outcome! Become a member of our Instagram Fam to participate in upcoming contests and giveaways. It would make our day to have you on board. I hope to see you soon!

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