Five Football Season Inspired Hairstyles

Five Football Season Inspired Hairstyles

Football season is officially here! To me, this season is about so much more than a series of games. It’s a time to see family, friends and celebrate. Football gatherings are one of my favorite things and because I plan every aspect of such occasions, I’ve come up with five football party inspired hairstyles. Whether it’s early Saturday morning or Sunday night, football hairstyles have three important distinctions – they have to be quick, easy and withstand jumping, yelling and/or any celebratory action. These five football hairstyles are just that and will have you ready and looking your best in time for kick off.

Five Football Season Inspired Hairstyles

Hairstyle ideas for football season

  1. French Braid – Football is about tradition so there is no better time to fall back on the classics. The French braid is always a good choice come game day. Finishing it off with a colored ribbon or two is a great way to make sure people know what team you’re rooting for.
  2. Temporary color – Nothing says superfan like team hair color and because not everyone will understand such a drastic change in the name of football, temporary is the way to go. By using a crème eye shadow, you can have fun, rep your team colors and easily wash it out in time for work on Monday.
  3. Faux side braid – This edgy look is the perfect way to stay stylish and a little hard-core this season.
  4. Big ponytail – You hear it all the time in football – Go big or go home.  I can’t talk about football hair ideas without mentioning a big ol’ curly ponytail.  This bouncy and beautiful pony will show spirit and style!
  5. Curls & pins – Another way to show team spirit sans the hair color change is to rock some colored bobby pins. They’re easy to make and all the rage. Better yet?  They’re the perfect way to hold loose strands in place because one thing a football hairstyle cannot be is in your face.

Whichever style you choose, you’ll definitely want the Ovation Styling products on your team this season. Whether you’re looking to add volume, hold your ‘do in place, or simply protect from curling iron heat, we’ve got you covered. To find out more about our styling line, click here. To view all of the Ovation products, visit

I hope your season is filled with epic touchdowns, legendary memories and flawless football hair!

–          Emily

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