Spring Forward with Healthy Hair!

Spring Forward with Healthy Hair!

Plant extracts herbs for healthy hairSpring is the time of year when we’re pleasantly reminded that flowers make everything prettier. Here at Ovation, we appreciate flowers and plants for a reason beyond the way they look. Being the healthy-hair-obsessed people we are, our love for flowers stems (pun intended) from the fact that they provide an abundance of benefits to both the hair and scalp.

Extracts for Healthy Hair

There is an extensive list of botanical ingredients extracted from plants and flowers that positively impact hair health.  These extracts do it all…from adding shine to blocking DHT. We’ve done our research and incorporated the most beneficial extracts into our Ovation formulas. Here’s a list of healthy hair plant extracts, what they are known for and which products you can find them in!

Olive leaf extract – Olive leaves are known to have antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects. Oleanolic Acid, found in Cell Therapy, is extracted from olive leaves and is an anti-androgenic compound that helps limit the production of DHT (contributing factor to hair loss).
Burdock Extract – Known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, burdock root is said to relieve and prevent scalp irritation. This extract improves blood flow and benefits hair strands by increasing shine and strength (Found in: Moisture Crème Rinse, Volume Shampoo, Men’s Shampoo and Men’s Healthy Hair Gel).
Ivy Extract – Also known to improve circulation, Ivy Extract improves hair’s health and protects strands from damage. Ivy is a natural antiseptic and skin soother so it can also prevent greasy hair and dandruff (Found in: Moisture Crème Rinse, Volume Shampoo, Men’s Shampoo and Men’s Healthy Hair Gel).
Fenugreek Extract – Fenugreek contains lecithin which is known as a natural conditioning agent. It also includes protein and amino acids that strengthen both the follicle and hair strands.  Fenugreek has a reputation for stimulating the hair follicles and preventing hair loss (Found in: Moisture Crème Rinse, Volume Shampoo, Men’s Shampoo and Men’s Healthy Hair Gel).
Aloe Vera – Known for its healing properties, aloe provides several benefits to the scalp. Its soothing properties have been known to clear dead skin cells and alleviate scalp itch. The vitamins in aloe moisturize and strengthen hair strands (Found in: Volume Crème Rinse, Moisture Crème Rinse, Volume Shampoo, Men’s Shampoo, Moisture Shampoo and Men’s Healthy Hair Gel).
Olive oil – Another natural conditioner, olive oil promotes scalp health and leaves hair shiny, nourished and lubricated (Found in: Volume Crème Rinse and Men’s Healthy Hair Gel).
Safflower – Related to the sunflower, safflower has a rich history of healing.  Safflower releases emollient oils and vitamin E continually over time keeping hair strands shiny and moisturized (Found in: Moisture Shampoo and Men’s Healthy Hair Gel).
Saw Palmetto Extract – Saw Palmetto is well known as an herbal treatment for hair loss.  It’s said to block production of DHT. It’s also used to revive hair follicles and soothe the scalp (Found in: Moisture Shampoo).
Grape Extract – Packed with anti-oxidants, grape extract protects and moisturizes hair strands.  It’s known to rejuvenate and regenerate the hair and scalp. Grape Extract also blocks DHT and promotes healthy hair growth. (Found in: Volume Enhancer Styling Spray).
Pomegranate Extract – Known as a super fruit, pomegranate is a source of antioxidants that are widely used for their ability to nourish and hydrate the scalp (Found in: Thermal Protection Styling Spray).

By using our products and the powerful extracts they pack, you’ll encourage your hair to grow right along with the spring flowers – or at least help your locks be the healthiest they can be! To view all of our products visit OvationHair.com.

Happy spring! #letitgrow

–          Emily

Sources: Blackgirllonghair.com, longhairsecrets.com, herbwisdom.com. The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated these statements. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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