Employee Spotlight: Michelle Enlow

Employee Spotlight: Michelle Enlow


We literally have a star in the Ovation office and her name is Michelle Enlow! Every day she is in a fabulous mood and brings positive energy into the work place. She’s an amazing asset to the Ovation Team and has a strong work ethic. She gives the office life and her smile is contagious. Need something resolved? Have a return or wonder who gets your packages ready for shipment? Well now you know who she is! Michelle was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and then later on decided to move to Sunny San Diego! When Michelle isn’t working she likes to relax at home and spend time with her girlfriends. Want to learn a little more about Michelle? Check out the questionnaire she filled out below.

Name:  Michelle Enlow


Job Title: CSR / Customer Service


Inspirational Quote: Have you loved on someone today?


Where are you from?  Detroit, Michigan!


What is your day to day like? I’m like batman saving the world of Gotham.


What’s your favorite Ovation Product and why? The Ovation Cell Therapy! The smell is awesome and I love how it makes my hair feel. At first I did not see any results but just like anything that you do for a change it takes time and patience. I use the Cell Therapy twice a week and I’m loving how healthy my hair feels!

What’s your signature hairstyle? Up-do Bun.


What are your hobbies outside work? I enjoy walks on the beach and movies (I know that is what they all say, lol!), but my passion is acting. I am a playwright – I write, produce and perform in my own productions. I’m also a spoken word artist.


What’s your dream travel destination? Atlantis!


What are your goals? Enjoy life to the fullest with a smile on my face.


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