Co-Washing for all Hair Types

Co-Washing for all Hair Types

Co-washing for all hair typesThe idea of co-washing has been around a long time, but it wasn’t until recently that it became a technique embraced by people with all different hair types. My fine, straight hair type always excluded me from the co-washing discussions so when I found out it was something that would benefit my locks, I needed to know more.

What is co-washing?

What I found most misleading was the name. What does co-washing even mean? Co-washing is actually just an abbreviation for conditioner washing. The process of co-washing, thankfully, is much less mystifying than its name. It simply means skipping the shampoo and using a conditioner or moisturizer to wash your hair.

How does co-washing work?

Most people associate washing hair with shampoo so understanding a shampoo-less cleanse takes some explanation. Moisturizers (like our crème rinses and Ovation Cell Therapy) can clean your hair without detergents because they include emulsifiers that absorb oil when massaged into the scalp and roots. When you rinse your hair after applying a moisturizer, the dirt and any excess oil that was absorbed is rinsed out as well.

How to co-wash

For all hair types, the process of co-washing is the same: Rinse hair well. Massage a small amount of Cell Therapy into scalp. We recommend sectioning hair into pieces, then applying Cell Therapy onto the scalp in between those sections, similar to color treating your roots. Pull excess product through to the ends. Leave on for 3-5 minutes. Apply Volumizing Crème Rinse (for fine, oily hair types) or Moisturizing Crème Rinse (for normal, coarse, thick hair types) to hair strands concentrating on the ends. Rinse.

Benefits of co-washing

When you co-wash, you’re doing two important things: adding moisture and letting natural (essential oils) build up – basically giving your hair a double dose of moisture. This added hydration means less frizz and tangles and more manageability, shine, elasticity and strength.

By the way, I’m definitely not suggesting that you try the full on ‘no-poo’ method– shampoo is a must. Shampoo removes stubborn buildup that conditioners can’t pick up and because your scalp needs to be clean to produce healthy hair, we recommend shampooing at least once per week.

Still unsure? Just give it a try – I assure you healthy, hydrated hair awaits! For more information about our Crème Rinses, click here. For more information about Ovation Cell Therapy, click here. To view all of our products, visit

What do you think; will you add co-washing into your hair care routine?

–          Emily

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