Tricks for the Best Summer Hair Ever!

Tricks for the Best Summer Hair Ever!

Summer hair care needs are like the winter with one elemental exception: natural heat. The sun rays are stronger and the days are longer. This means two things:  more time outdoors doing outdoorsy things and prolonged exposure to the sun’s heat. If you still use heat appliances in the summer months (i.e. flat irons, curling wands, etc.) the potential to dehydrate and damage strands increases. Not to worry. We have a few tips that will help you maintain your lovely locks from here on out.

If your hair is in the summer sun…

sun bleached hairWe are aware the dangerous effects of the sun’s rays on our skin, but did you know your hair needs protection too? Sun damage to the hair occurs when UV rays break down the cuticle. Hair becomes lighter (a.k.a. “sun kissed”) because the melanin in the hair has a chemical reaction to the sun. The process, much like getting your hair bleached at the salon, is irreversible. So if you plan on spending long hours outdoors, reduce the amount of time you spend in the sun. If you are relaxing at a festival, take a hat, a head wrap, or umbrella along with you because they act as sunscreens! Use a thermal protection spray on your strands to help replenish proteins and keep hair moisturized.

If your hair is in the water…

Curly hair in poolWhat’s one way to beat the summer heat? Going for a cool dip! If the beach or lake is out of reach a swimming pool is the next best bet. We don’t consider the effects of chlorine on hair until we are faced with the aftermath. Before your next cannonball, prep your hair to combat dryness and damage caused by chlorine. The easiest thing to do is wet your hair with clear water before going into the pool. Why? Dry hair acts as a sponge and will absorb more water and chlorine than hair that is already wet. It is also wise to apply a moisturizing hair mask to create a barrier between your hair and the pool water. If you plan on staying at the pool until you wrinkle, rinse your hair with clear water from time to time. Doing so will reduce chlorine deposits on your strands. When pool time is over, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and warm water.

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Happy summer!


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