Back to School Hair Ideas – Ovation Hair Pinterest Boards

Back to School Hair Ideas – Ovation Hair Pinterest Boards

Back-to-School Hair InspirationThe school year is officially here!  Whether you’re reading this as a student or the parent of a student, I know that it’s an exciting and very busy time.

As I hear the school year buzz around the office and talk with friends about sending their kids back, I can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic.  I have fond memories of thoughtfully picking out every outfit for the first week of school complete with shoes and accessories.

If you’re anything like me, your outfit planning was done well before this week and by the time Monday came around, you were completely prepared on the style front.

My question is, were you as prepared with your hairstyle choices?  If the answer is no, don’t worry!  This post, along with some help from the ever-inspiring Pinterest, is here to help!

Here at Ovation, we love a great hairstyle – whether it’s for the new school year or not – but we also understand that many people don’t have time each morning to pick out, let alone create one. Sometimes choosing a hairstyle or deciding on one that works for your cut and hair type can be half the battle.  That’s where we come in. Our Pinterest page includes boards filled with not only inspiration for quick and easy ‘dos, but also tutorials with step-by-step instructions that walk you through the styling process.

Back to school hair ideas:

Here are just of my favorites at the moment that happen to be perfect for back-to-school.

The rope (or unicorn) braid – This braid is all the rage and I can see why. It’s easy to create, good for many different hair types, and is versatile (can be wrapped into a bun for example).

Sock bun with a twist – My fine hair and I love us a sock bun so whenever there’s an opportunity to create a unique one, I’m all for it.  This cute braid-around-a bun is a great way to switch it up.

Top Knot – If you have had a chance to browse the Ovation boards you can see that I’m a huge fan of the top knot! It’s another super easy style that can be worn messy or clean and it is my absolute favorite on little girls right now.

Hair bow – The hair bow or Minnie Mouse hair is another style that I love to see on the little ones.  I think it’s actually a great style for all ages and love the half-up version that creates a smaller bow.

Although my school years are long gone, I love this time of year because it’s still a great excuse to try something new.  I encourage you to get inspired to do just that, whether it’s for you or the student in your life. These are just four ideas out of hundreds that you’ll find on our Pinterest page.  There are plenty of back-to-school styles specifically in our Hairstyle Tutorial and Kids Hairstyles boards.

Enjoy and may your school year (and back-to-school hair) be the best yet!

–          Emily

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