4 Tips on Growing Out Your Haircut

4 Tips on Growing Out Your Haircut

Getting a haircut is the easy part—and the fun part. Growing it out? Not as easy or fun. When you commit to a haircut, you should also commit to growing it out gracefully. And how you grow out your haircut depends, of course, on the cut; a pixie cut will grow out differently than a bob.

Here are 4 tips on how to grow out your hair, depending on your cut.

  1. Pixie cut

If your pixie cut is tapered—with the front sections longer than those in the back—you can twist the front sections and pin them up with bobby pins. You can also change it day to day; style it with an extreme side part one day, or slick it back for a sophisticated evening look. Give it some texture with a volumizing spray for a flirty, undone look.

  1. Bob

Growing out a single-length bob has its ups and downs. It’s easier to grow out a uniform cut, but it can also start to look boxy and lose its cuteness. Consider adding in some layers to give it dimension and use your curling iron every now and then to accentuate the texture. A volumizing or curl-defining mousse can also add some movement and body.

  1. Bangs

Ah, the dreaded bang grow-out. Bangs are a big commitment but unless you want to keep them forever, you’ll have to grow them out at some point.

For fringe bangs, your stylist can cut the center area of the fringe a little shorter, which enables you to push the hair to either side. When the end of your bangs is at your cheek area, consider adding layers around your face to mask the bluntness. You can also have your stylist cut your fringe into a side-swept style. Also, when your fringe begins to touch your brows, blow-dry the ends with a round brush so they curve in and stay out of your eyes. Once your fringe passes your cheekbones, it will be easier to blend with your other layers.

  1. Lob

Lobs actually tend to grow out in more flattering ways than other cuts. When it’s at a more awkward length, grab a curling iron to add some movement and conceal any uneven length. You can also give yourself a deep side part and tuck your hair behind your ears for a modern look that will take you effortlessly from day to night. Another option is adding some layers, which will add texture and volume.

Embrace the grow-out!

Growing out your hair doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience. With every haircut you have multiple options. Use bobby pins, mousse, a curling iron and volumizing spray; create layers, give yourself a deep part, and more!

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