4 Bad Hair Habit to Kick Before the New Year for Healthy Hair

4 Bad Hair Habit to Kick Before the New Year for Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair for the New Year

2014 is still a few weeks away, but it’s never too early to start thinking about which New Year’s resolutions you’ll take on this time around.  You may have a goal of losing weight, feeling happier, healthier, etc. which are all great things to strive for, but they (like most resolutions) will require some extreme changes. Many resolutions include picking up new habits and some require kicking them. When it comes to hair health, there are a ton of great habits to engage in, but there are also some that are just better left in 2013.

Luckily, kicking many of the bad hair habits don’t require any extreme changes so I’m challenging you to ask yourself – Why wait for the stroke of midnight to make a change? If you’re inspired to start the New Year off with a new appreciation for your hair, here are just a few hair habits to kick starting now.

Brushing while wet:

Hair is weakest when it’s wet so by brushing it right out of the shower, you’re very likely to break strands.  Instead, use a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair or gently towel dry and wait until its drier to start brushing it.

Skipping a trim:

It’s easy to skip a trim because in many cases, the effects of going without one aren’t apparent until it’s too late.  Prevention in the form of a trim is a huge part of keeping hair healthy.  By trimming your ends every 4-6 weeks you’re reducing the risk of breakage caused by split ends.

Using heated styling tools daily:

Reducing heat exposure might be one of the most difficult things on this list. As a huge blow dryer fan, I struggle with this one myself.   If you can just cut out the use of hot styling tools even for just a day or two per week, you’ll greatly advance your healthy hair progress.

Wearing tight hairstyles often:

While tight ponytails and buns are super cute and easy to style, they aren’t the best for the health of your hair.  By pulling hair tight, you both pull strands out and break them.  Using tight elastics can make strands weak and also cause breakage when you remove them.  Try using a cloth elastic instead of a plastic one and/or wear a clip for a looser style.

Whether you can kick all of these bad hair habits, or cut down on just one, your 2014 hair will definitely thank you.  Need another reason to start early? Our Holiday Gift Sets are still available and they include a great sampling of our products. The sets are only $59.95 which is almost $60 less than the retail cost of all that’s included. Start your healthy hair habits now and purchase a set or two before they are gone at OvationHair.com. They won’t last much longer!

Cheers to great NYE & 2014 hair!

–          Emily

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